Information from SOM District on Inclusion and School Budget

The SOM School District posted two articles of interest to families with special education needs, one on the School Budget for 2014-2015 and one on Models of Inclusion.

Link to Budget Documents 2014-2015 as of April 4, 2014

Link to Models of Inclusion from South Orange Maplewood School District

The Models of Inclusion document, published in April 2014, contains the following topics:

What is inclusion?
What is an IEP?
What is “co-teaching?”
What is “in class consultation?”
Is SOMSD reducing inclusion classes?
Is anything changing in the special education services provided to students with disabilities?
Is SOMSD reducing the number of classes using co-teaching strategies?
How will general education teachers for inclusion classes be supported?
How will the effectiveness of the new approach be reported for special education students?
If the new approach is not meeting a student’s needs, what will be done to adjust their services?
Are you making adjustments to save money?
What can I do if I have questions?

The Department of Special Services encourages parents/guardians to contact their case manager with questions specific to their own child.  Parents/guardians are also welcome to contact Dr. Patricia Barker, Director of Special Services, at 973-762-5600 ext. 1841 or